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Woodworking opener

SPEC:Woodworking opener

TYPE:TCT Wood Hole Saw

Application: Suitable for all kinds of wood, plastic products, drawer tips

Release date:2018-05-07 14:56:00


Professional woodworking hole opener15-60mm in diameterWood, plastic products, drawer tips

Professional woodworking hole opener use

1. Cool the drill bit with water when drilling, good cooling can extend the life and significantly increase the drilling speed.

2. Dry drill is not recommended, which will accelerate the wear of the drill bit.

3. The cutting wood must be fixed, can not be moved, and is at a right angle of 90° with the opening. Please drill slowly when drilling through.

4. If there is foreign matter or chip removal is not ideal, please stop working, exit the hole, clean up and then operate

5. Please master, select and control the tachometer when drilling, and smoothly enter and exit to prevent the blade from cracking.

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